Scorpion antivenom, worth the cost?

On the front page of the Arizona republic is an article titled “Scorpion drug’s stinging cost” by Ken Alltucker. In the article.  it talks about a scorpion antivenom that was approved by the federal government on August 3rd to be used to help protect vulnerable victims from the effects of a scorpion sting. Most people.. read more →

Bee season is here!

The correct name for the “killer” bee is the Africanized Honey Bee and is abbreviated AHB. The AHB is a resident in the United States in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. The problem with the AHB is that they are much more aggressive than a typical honeybee when protecting their hives. If you.. read more →

Termite season here

For more information please visit us at read more →